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Add/Update Treatment Site 


Are you a sex-specific treatment provider who would like to be added to our resource list?
Or do you need to update your current listing on our website resource page?

The Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute publishes a national list of sex-specific treatment providers on its website at This list may also be published in the next edition of “The Stop Child Molestation Book” by Gene G. Abel, M.D. and Nora Harlow and is widely distributed through other agencies.

For inclusion, sex-specific therapists and agencies must provide cognitive-behavioral treatments, perform objective testing, and have the capability to provide patients with medications such as SSRIs, Lupron, or Provera, if needed. If you meet these minimum requirements and would like to be considered for our resource list, please print out the following form, answer the questions, sign and date the form, and mail it to our Alameda address or email it to

Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute
1151 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 121
Alameda, CA 94502
Phone: (510) 740-1410

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