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CMRPI Prevention Plan


Your Opportunity To Protect Children

“The Child Molestation Prevention Plan” explains the basic facts about child sexual abuse and presents a plan to protect children from molestation. In it you will learn:

  • the definitions of child molester and child molestation;

  • the damage caused by child sexual abuse;

  • the characteristics of a child molester;

  • the four general causes of child sexual abuse and the one cause responsible for 95 percent of all acts;

  • how to identify and treat the single greatest cause early – before there is a victim;

  • why The Child Molestation Prevention Plan will work.

Tell your family and friends:


  • The abusers who commit 95 percent of the sex acts against children are driven by an ongoing sex drive directed toward children.

  • We can identify the development of this disorder early - during the teenage years and even younger.

  • Some people with an ongoing sex drive directed toward children are not yet child molesters because they've never acted on their disorder.

  • We can drastically reduce most child sexual abuse by following a three-step plan that's been proven successful in conquering other public health problems.


2. Focus on the cause:

an ongoing sex drive directed toward children.


  • We can place abusers into four groups separated by what causes them to sexually abuse a child.

  • Of the four general causes of child molestation, the one that leads to the greatest number of victims is the disorder that involves an ongoing sex drive directed toward children.

  • By focusing prevention efforts on the single greatest cause of child sexual abuse, we can protect the greatest number of children in the shortest amount of time.


3. Act:

diagnose early. Use tests, medicines, and sex-specific therapies.


  • An ongoing sex drive directed toward children can be diagnosed by a sex-specific specialist. These specialists use objective tests, medicines, and specialized cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques that directly reduce or extinguish a sex drive directed toward children.


Child Molestation and Public Health

Is child molestation a public health problem? It qualifies on two counts: damage to health and numbers of victims. Sexually abusing a child endangers that child’s physical and emotional health. And, unfortunately, the number of victimized children is in the millions.


In the history of the world, only one strategy has worked to conquer a public health problem: Focus on the cause.


That’s the Child Molestation Prevention Plan’s Step Two. What health professionals have always done that worked is to first find out what causes the disease or disorder. Then, they work to devise something – a vaccine, a therapy, a medication, a nutritional change – that will stop that cause.


Child sexual abuse has four broad categories of cause. Here again, we follow a well-known and successful strategy: Save the greatest number of victims in the shortest possible time. To do this, we ask the classic medical question: Which one cause, if we could eliminate it tomorrow, would drastically reduce the number of victims? Here we are lucky, because the cause that leads to 95 percent of the sex acts against our children has already been discovered: an ongoing sex drive directed toward children. If we could stop our older children, the ones who live ordinary lives in ordinary families, from developing this disorder, the number of child victims would plummet.

The Child Molestation Prevention Plan’s Step One – Telling Others the Facts – is equally proven and equally important. Once medical professionals know what causes a disease or disorder, once they single out the major cause, the next question is: How do we get people to do what is needed to rid our country of this problem? How will they learn the facts? How can we convince them to act on the facts? And at what speed?


We know that preventing child sexual abuse will be difficult because it demands that all of us talk about child sexual abuse to friends and relatives who may know none of the facts but may already have their minds set in concrete. Convinced they know all they need to know, they may have decided they don’t want to hear anything about child molestation.

So that is our challenge. Can you learn the important facts presented on these pages and can you tell them to your family, friends, and people in your community? By doing so you will increase public awareness of the solution to child sexual abuse and be part of creating a sexual abuse free environment for all of the children in your family, neighborhood, and community.

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